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What Are the Best Nissan Cars for College Grads and Teens in Greater Chicago?

Are you a parent looking to get your teen their first car? If so, you are likely prioritizing safety so your young driver can get adjusted with extra protection. Or, if you are a college grad, you probably want something that gives you some extra peace of mind. Either way, Nissan vehicles are the way to go. If there's one thing Nissan makes a priority, it's safety.

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2017 Nissan Titan XD

Are you trying to find a good crew-cab pickup that’s more powerful than a half-ton truck but less expensive than a 2500 pickup? The Nissan Titan XD might be right up your alley, as it seamlessly combines great performance with a really accessible price. Let’s see if this new model can provide you with some great results or it’s just another pickup that doesn’t stand out with anything!

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