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Zeigler Nissan of Orland Park Rental Center

Renting a car just got a whole lot easier because Zeigler Nissan of Orland Park is now a full-service vehicle rental company. We are now able to cover the full spectrum of car rentals, from corporate to vacation, and event insurance replacement. Whatever your needs might be, they can be met all in one location at Zeigler Nissan of Orland Park.

Why Choose Us?

Simple. You already know us! We are locally owned and operated, so you're not renting from a corporation. You're renting from your neighbors. Competitive rates to help keep costs down to a minimum for you, as well as a no upsell environment where you can get exactly what you need without any hassle.

Plus, our service department is bringing the same great award-winning way of doing business to our rental program.

Visit Zeigler Nissan Of Orland Park

When you need a rental, forget the big corporations give us a call 708.789.6320 or visit Zeigler Nissan of Orland Park in person today!

Rental Car Rates Per Vehicle at Zeigler Nissan of Orland Park

Nissan Versa 
Perfect compact car for getting around the city and for squeezing into those tight parking spots. The Nissan Versa gets up to 31 MPG city and 39 highway miles. With a 10.8 gallon fuel tank, 4 star safety rating and 109 hp the Nissan Versa is a great daily driver. Rent for $29 per day.

Nissan Sentra
Enjoy driving a nice, stylish compact car that is great for spending a few days in the Chicagoland area. The Nissan Sentra has great gas mileage at 29 MPG city and 37 highway miles. Plus with a 13.2 gallon gas tank, and up to 188 hp you're rental will go as smooth as possible. Rent for $35 per day.

Nissan Altima 
If you're in need of a bit more space then check out the mid-size Nissan Altima from Ziegler Nissan in Orland Park. The Nissan Altima get's great mileage for mid-size sedan and features an 18 gallon fuel tank. With up to 270 hp you're going to enjoy your rental. Rent for $39 per day.

Nissan Maxima
If you want a more sporty mid-size rental car for then check out the Nissan Maxima from Zeigler Nissan in Orland Park. Featuring 21 MPG city and 30 highway, plus an 18 gallon fuel tank and 300 hp, the Nissan Maxima is a great rental car for the family. Rent for $49 per day.

Nissan Rogue
If you need more space for the family with your rental car then check out the Nissan Rogue today. With great highway mileage at 33 MPG and 26 city and a 4 star safety rating, you and the whole family will ride in style. Check out the Nissan Rogue today. Rent for $49 per day.

Nissan Pathfinder
So you want to take the family to the lake but you're city car won't cut it, well then rent a full size SUV from Zeigler Nissan of Orland Park. We offer the Nissan Pathfinder with seating capacity for 7 and towing capacity up to 6,000 lbs. You can haul the boat or just fill it with gear for that weekend getaway. Rent for $55 per day.